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Located on the beautiful coast in the South East of England, Kent. Mr & Mrs Deveson’s property is in the perfect setting for the rural Kent couple. Absorbing the stunning sea views, looking over their garden is their favourite feature to their home. Once their health started to deteriorate managing their lovely curved paved slope down to the garden was becoming very difficult.

They told us 'The thought of not being able to make it to the garden and back up to the house again is terrifying. The idea of not using our garden is heart-breaking. It is the reason we love our home so much'.

Enjoying this view is their favourite

Hunting for a Solution..

Looking for a solution Nigel a friend of Mr & Mrs Deveson, took to the internet. With various companies attending they were lead to believe the only way forward was for a Wheelchair Platform Lift. A Wheelchair Platform Lift was not within their budget. The couple were mobile and not wheelchair dependent so the need for a platform lift seemed unnecessary.

On the search for another opinion Nigel called Higher Elevation and arranged for our surveyor to attend. Expecting to be quoted again for another expensive product, the appointment went in a direction that led to a life changing project.

Higher Elevation's Solution..

Explaining the situation to Phil, our Surveyor. Going through what had already been offered by numerous companies and detailing that this was far from the budget for the elderly couple. Nigel was taking aback when we had advised a completely different alternative.

Our surveyor suggested, changing the window in the back room to a doorway. Designing a fabricated staircase down to the garden, enabling us to install an external MediTek stairlift. The thought seemed logical and after some research, a solution within budget! Not really knowing what the project would look like, just a little over 4 weeks the stairlift was fitted and the outcome could not have been anymore extraordinary.

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