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Higher Elevation Limited would like to introduce the FlexStep, the perfect solution to conquer split levels for all wheelchair users and walking-impaired persons in areas with minimal space.
The FlexStep in daily use is a completely ordinary set of stairs with it’s classic design, the FlexStep is an innovative 2-in-1 space saving solution! With minimal disruption and without changing existing structural elements the FlexStep is ideal for both commercial and domestic properties.


Internal and external use
Simple Press Button Control
No Structural Alterations
4 Platform Sizes Available
Battery Back-Up
Emergency Stop Button
Automatically return to stairs after 1 minute without use
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If you have space for a staircase you have space for The FlexStep, the only preparation at installation is to provide a 230V power supply! A FlexStep can be installed without changing the existing structural elements of your building. Offering you customisation, the FlexStep can match your decor by choosing the finished material and colour.

Users can operate The FlexStep by a simple press of a button which transforms the staircase into a lift. Enabling comfortable and safe transition between ground and upper level for the user.


Integrated design
Space saving
Dual purpose – no need for both Staircase & Lift
Customisation for Décor

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The FlexStep is an elegant combination of a regular staircase and a wheelchair platform lift, providing a 2-in-1 solution for wheelchair users and stair users! This space saving product is easily integrated into its surroundings as the FlexStep can be designed and configured to each project

Data Spec

Below, you can download the technical overview of the different standard models available. The FlexStep is available in four different standard step widths: 700, 800, 900 and 1000mm
Due to the logistics of the building and layout of the restaurant anybody wishing to use the toilet required going up 5 steps to the mid-level. After trying to source a product which would be able to achieve this I’m glad Higher Elevation came up with the Flex step solution.

The Flex step doesn’t take up any extra room, blends in to the existing décor and can operate during power failures. The team from Higher Elevation were very good and explained everything in detail once finished.
— Cote Brassiere Restaurant, Chislehurst
My son Dexter had been stuck downstairs for years and the only way to get him into the kitchen was to travel round the house and through the back door. This was extremely upsetting as we had no cover from the wind and rain.

I was delighted when the Occupational therapist brought Nash round to provide a second opinion. I was delighted when he said he had a solution.

Now I can take Dexter straight from his bedroom into the kitchen area without having to go outside. Nash and his team are angles who have made this all a possibility. I cannot thank you enough
— Mrs Nichols, Lambeth
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