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Domestic Wheelchair Access Lifts

When you need to use your wheelchair, or travel more than two floors, there are various types of wheelchair access lifts available.

From having lifts which fit to the wall or staircase to take up a wheelchair or a small elevator to access multiple floors, these lifts provide flexible solutions tailored to suit your house and needs.

Our Aftercare service is second to none and our way of assuring you we will always be on hand to assist. More details on our aftercare service.

Your Options

Flex Step


The FlexStep is the perfect solution to conquer split levels for all wheelchair users and walking-impaired persons in areas with minimal space. It’s the most space-saving lift on the market and at the same time it offers a stylish design. With only 6 dealers in the UK able to supply this product, Higher Elevation is proud to be able to promote this innovative solution to its customers.


Indoor and outdoor use
Can be fitted without changing existing structural elements
Automatically reverts back to stairs formation after 1 minute of non-use
Wheelchair access inclined

Inclined Wheelchair Platform Lifts

If getting in and out of your house requires the usage of steps, our modern and stylish inclined lifts will carry most types of wheelchairs easily and gently, enabling you to access areas of your home or garden, even if there’s a power cut.


Indoor and outdoor use
Wall mounted or structure supported
Auto folding arms and platforms

Low Rise Wheelchair Access Lifts

The Low Rise Lift provides users easy access where difficulties exist due to a change in level. These lifts are compact, whilst offering a large platform area and shallow ramp for easy access.

Vertical Wheelchair Access Lifts

Our range of vertical lifts come in all different sizes and can be easily adapted to suit nearly all applications where a wheelchair or less abled persons require the use of a lift without all the hassle costs of a commercial lift and building works. From a range of colours, to fully cladded in glass, these products give you freedom of your house.
Having been recommended to me by a dear friend, Nash came around to measure up for stairlift. However, he asked if he could provide an alternative solution as not only would I require three Stairlifts but they would take up half the staircase as my staircase was very narrow.

Nash managed to find a way of removing my old cupboards opposite the staircase and fitting the first Micro Butler lift in the UK. I couldn’t do without this lift as it serves all floors of my house and takes up hardly any space. I would strongly recommend Higher Elevation to all my friends and family.
— Mr Kent, Greenwich
Having my requirements ignored by a large manufacture I was glad when stumbled upon Higher Elevation. Nash came to assess the property, listened to my needs, spoke to my wife regarding the layout of the house. He went way and came back with a solution of having a specially made lift just for me. His vision of having two doors on the upper level was very clever so as I could choose either the bedroom or hallway opening meaning that I didn’t to go through my bedroom every time I went upstairs.
— Mr Cliff, Hornchurch Essex
Having been told we couldn’t have a lift in the house I was so delighted when Phil from Higher Elevation came up with a solution. I remember when Nash had finished installing the lift I was overcome by tears and emotion as I finally could get my husband out of the house. Thank you, Phil and Nash.
— Mrs Matthews, East Grinstead
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