Whether your stairs are straight or curved, wide or narrow, our user friendly and elegant stairlifts are designed to cope with every twist and turn, to deliver you safely from one level to the next – all at the simple push of a button.
Whether a residential care home, community centre or a church, we’ll have the stairlift to suit your stairs.
An installation is only half the job; looking after your Lift correctly and having the correct service plays a big part in allowing the lift to give you trouble free use for numerous years to come.

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We work with the biggest brands in  the UK so you can be sure that whatever type or style of stair lift you choose, quality is built in right from the start.
Thank you for your answers, we have identified that your staircase is straight and therefore requires a Straight Stairlift.
The products that fit a straight staircase are:

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Mr Fogden

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Based in the heart of Maidstone, Kent, our stairlift showroom hosts a variety of stairlifts for you to come and try out the different choices of manufactures and features each stairlift provides.

Showroom visits are by appointments only giving you a dedicated time slot with a helpful member of our team to enjoy the whole product range at your leisure.

Our customers have found it extremely beneficial to be able to try and use the stairlifts at the showroom prior to making any decisions.

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