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Mr & Mrs Thomas from Greenwich, London

Beverley Thomas, daughter, got in contact with Higher Elevation in August 2017 after searching for an outdoor Stair Lift for her parents

They had an extremely impressive external spiral concrete staircase which panned over 3 flights of stairs and numerous bends as it leads from the street footpath to their front door.

Having a search around for Stairlift companies, Beverley was beginning to realise that this beautiful staircase was in fact more troublesome when it came to the compatibility with mobility products, as every survey resulted in the words “It wasn’t possible”.

As a HomeAdapt authorised dealer we knew installing a Bruno External Stairlift was the only product for this application. Knowing it’s design and durability we knew this piece of equipment could handle the 18m curved staircase. The installation could not have gone any smoother.

Beverley’s words...

Hi Sam
The stairlift is GREAT!
I’m back home in Herefordshire now, but on Tuesday, I took Dad out for a potter about the shops, and then when he was back home and resting, I took Mum out to the hairdressers. This was the first time they had been out for pleasure (rather than emergency hospital visits by ambulance) in months, and for Dad, in about a year and half. They thoroughly enjoyed it.
The boost to morale has been immense. Thank you so much.
Best wishes

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external stairlift on curved staircase outdoors

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