Whether your stairs are straight or curved, wide or narrow, our user friendly and elegant stairlifts are designed to cope with every twist and turn, to deliver you safely from one level to the next – all at the simple push of a button.
Whether a residential care home, community centre or a church, we’ll have the stairlift to suit your stairs.
An installation is only half the job; looking after your Lift correctly and having the correct service plays a big part in allowing the lift to give you trouble free use for numerous years to come.

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We work with the biggest brands in  the UK so you can be sure that whatever type or style of stair lift you choose, quality is built in right from the start.

Visiting a Stairlift Showroom

Why it's important to visit a stairlift showroom

Although it's not easy for all our customers to visit our stairlift showroom in Maidstone, we do encourage a visit whenever possible - even when it's not possible for the actual user of the stairlift to attend.

Think of it this way:  the costs of a stairlift can be similar to that of a second-hand car, but have you ever brought a car without looking at it or taking it for a test drive?

Like a car, the experience of the stairlift user is one of the most important elements when it comes to purchasing a stairlift - for example, you may decide that you want a certain control or a seatbelt with a simpler fastening.


Not all stairlifts are the same

We have decades of experience, covering all the different brands of stairlift, and they are all different in their own ways.

For example, the use of a Stannah stairlift is different to that of a Thyssen stairlift.

It's really important to investigate the product's features and the differences, so that you can decide which product is best suited for the needs of the stairlift user.


Our showroom in Maidstone

By visiting our stairlift showroom in Maidstone, you can have live demonstrations of several different stairlifts, which gives you the ability to assess the differences between each product and to eliminate any concerns that you may have had.


Seeing stairlifts for real

The appearance of stairlifts is sometimes seen in a negative light because there is a perception that they are eyesores or will very much obstruct a staircase.  Seeing a stairlift on a real staircase in our showroom environment can help to remove such concerns.


If you can't visit our showroom in Maidstone

If visiting our showroom isn’t possible for you or the stairlift user, whether or not you are buying through Higher Elevation, please do ensure that you have been shown enough pictures and videos that explain everything you need to know about the stairlift you are considering.

Make sure that you know how it operates, how it looks, and try to picture it on the staircase before you make your decision.

And if you are currently considering a stairlift from another provider, but have doubts, please do free to contact us for some free friendly advice before you make that commitment.


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