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Can you spot the signs of needing a Stairlift?

Signs of when a Stairlift is needed:

We have come up with a list of some signs in which could help you or a family member to recognise that there has been some decline in the mobility of a loved one and they may struggle the stairs on their own independently.

  1. "Unwanted" trips up/down the stairs. Is there a build-up of small things at the bottom of the stairs needing to go up but waiting for enough energy or when going to bed. E.g clothes, toiletries
  2. Out of breath. Getting out of breath when walking on a flat or a slight incline level for a short distance.
  3. Struggling on/off a chair. When getting on or off of a chair is there hesitation or delay getting up, do they need an extra hand to get up.
  4. Unsteady on feet. In a standing position are they a little wobbly and unsteady. Do they hold on to grab rails, walls or someone's arms to keep steady.
  5. Lifting legs is uncomfortable. Rasing legs to step over a door threshold or items become uncomfortable or a struggle.

There can be many signs that may appear which can indicate that a Stairlift could be beneficial in your home to ease your day-to-day routine. And when you are out visiting friends and family, keep your eyes peeled for some of these early indications that your loved one may need some additional help.

A simple solution to keeping your independence in your home, and to make your's or a family member's day-to-day routine easier; A Stairlift!

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For more information on our stairlifts please visit our Stairlift page here.

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