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5 Tips to finding your stairlift company

5 tips for when researching stairlift companies


You have decided that you or a friend/family member need a stairlift and so you head over to the internet and start searching.

But what should you be looking for and what questions should you be asking?

We have summarised 5 top tips to point you in the right direction ...


1. Where are they based?

Searching for a company who are local and to which you could go visit has lots of extra added benefits so ensure that you find out where the company is based, and which areas they cover.

Whilst conducting your search (if for a new installation), you should also think about the aftercare you are going to get from that company.  A stairlift is a product which needs to be maintained and so in the event of any problems you would like a company who can attend quite promptly (is geographically quite close to you).

We recommend that you ask the stairlift company about their aftercare, or what their attendance time is to attend a broken down stairlift.


2. Check their Reviews/Recommendations

When picking where to eat, would you check what reviews that the restaurant had and would you be put off going to a restaurant if it had received lots of bad reviews?

The same applies to stairlift companies.

When looking for stairlift companies, be sure to read what their past and present customers have to say about them and their experiences with the company.  Ask the company if they have some testimonials and case studies from previous works and check them out.  Do not be afraid to ask neighbours or friends if they have any recommendations for a stairlift company.


3. External Accreditations

There are many accreditations that companies can apply for that help to protect the consumer when they make purchases.

These accreditations are external to the company and usually involve annual audits to ensure that the company is complying to the standards that are set by the accreditation and that they are doing as they claim they do.

Such accreditations would be BHTA (Trading Standards), Checkatrade, Which? Trusted Traders, ISO9001 to name a few.

Higher Elevation have all those accreditations and many more as you can see here.


4. Products Available

Check through the company’s website and see what product range is available.

There are many products in the market and each one has different features and types of abilities.

You need to be able to find your perfect fit and not limit your solution.  Speak with their sales team and ask which brands of stairlifts they can provide you.

We recommend that you speak to a range of stairlift suppliers and compare them to each other.


5. Warranty & Guarantees

All stairlift installations, whether they are offering a new or reconditioned product should come with a warranty period.

Warranty periods or guarantees, depending on what the company refers to, can come in all varieties.

Each company will have its own terms and conditions, so make sure you check out exactly what is included as standard for the duration of the warranty term.


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