"The Stairlift Engineer made me cry!”

“It was unbelievably painful on my legs and arms walking up and down the stairs so I would avoid it all together.”

Managing the stairs was a continuous battle for me. I developed my own way of manoeuvring around the house as I would often get short of energy, full of anxiety and would sleep downstairs to save the pain.

I put Roy through many distressing days, weeks and months. We spoke about moving or adapting the house to accommodate a downstairs shower room and bedroom, but with very little space to change our living area we soon realised that these options were not viable.
Mrs Lucas on her Stairlift
Mrs Lucas Stairlift on her very narrow staircase
Coming to Higher Elevation, Nash (the Surveyor and qualified lift engineer) visited. Nash remembers Speaking with the couple and going through their heart-breaking sequence of events. “I was delighted to advise them that the installation WAS possible.”

I remember the morning of the installation and telling Roy to expect the worse as they must have got something wrong. I spoke to the lovely engineer who reassured me after a few hours I would be able to go upstairs to bed that night. When the engineer called me over to have a demonstration, I sat on the lift and just cried! I cannot thank them enough - Mrs Jean Lucas.

Roy said; “When you have been with your partner for over 50 years the worse feeling is being apart. Having my wife sleep downstairs separately just broke my heart. Higher Elevation have truly transformed my life, in so many ways”.