"I’m surprised the ears of everyone at Higher Elevation have not been burning – I’ve been singing your praises for days!"


The speed and friendly response to a web based enquiry
The speed of getting an engineer out to the property
The attitude and interest which, revolved around my husband’s needs, rather than of selling a stairlift
The speed of the quote and acknowledgement of order
Installation well within quoted time frame
Information – clear and accurate

All completed just a mere 2 weeks since the first phone call – 

I call that excellent.
Having extended the family home over the years, adding additional steps and staircases, we didn't think about the time one of us would not be able to manage them. 

The Stairlift being fitted with a retractable folding hinged track allows for the stairlift to be tucked neatly away keeping the hallway hazard free.