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Stairlift Survey Expectations

10 things to expect on a stairlift survey

You have selected a company (or numerous companies) and requested for a survey to be carried out at your home for a proposed Stairlift installation, what should you expect on this visit?

Although we can't speak for other stairlift suppliers and installers, here are 10 simple stairlift survey principles to measure against when you have a surveyor visit booked.


1. Company ID

Most importantly, before letting anyone enter your home, ensure that when the surveyor arrives, they introduce themselves and supplies you with their company ID.


2. Protect your Home

The surveyor should carry and put on protective overshoes to protect your carpet or flooring from getting dirty or damaged.


3. Free Survey

A Higher Elevation survey visit will always be free.  If any other company tries to make you pay for a site survey, then you should be wary (unless this was previously made aware to you by the company at the time of booking the visit).

Our surveyors will never ask for money so do not pay any surveyor unless prior agreements had been made, or a receipt can be provided.


4. Measure the Staircase

Detailed measurements and photographs of the staircase and surrounding areas should be recorded. This includes the checking of your electrical fuse box, banisters or handrails, any doorways, cupboards, or any obstructions that are at the top or bottom of the staircase.


5. User Assessment

Discussions about the user/s mobility and daily routine, along with an assessment of the user should be carried out.  That assessment may involve the surveyor asking the stairlift user to sit on a table chair so they can take measurements from the user at a seated position, note their posture, and how they get in and out of the chair themselves.  Common questions to be asked are:

  • Which hand is strongest for the user controls?
  • Do you use any mobility walking aids?
  • What are your height and weight measurements?


6. Portfolio

The company should be able to provide a portfolio of previous works and reviews from existing customers upon request, and easily accessible for you to browse at the time of the survey or before/after the surveyors visit.  These examples can also help you to envisage the recommended product for yourself and home.


7. No in-home pressure sales

The surveyor should be able to give you a verbal quotation at the end of their measurements of the staircase, but you should never be pressured or forced into making any discussions there and then. We always follow up with a formal quote after the survey.

If considering other stairlift suppliers, please be aware of common pressure sales terminology, for example:  “if you place your order now, you’ll receive extra/free or discounted items”


8. Informative & knowledgeable

The surveyor should be able to answer any questions you have and be able to give you knowledgeable comparisons between products and stairlift features, plus their reasons why they have suggested a specific stairlift model for your requirements.

9. Quotation

The surveyor should inform you how and when you will receive a copy of your quotation (whether this will be email or posted).  A hard copy of your quotation should always be presented along with the company’s terms and conditions of its sale.  Ensure that you have checked the surveyors' specifications on the quotation, and it has everything you discussed on their visit, along with the company’s warranty period detailed clearly.


10. No Forced Purchases

At the end of the surveyor’s visit, they should advise you of any follow-up telephone calls that their company may make to you.  No after-survey telephone sales team should force you into making your decision any quicker than you want to.

It is common for the stairlift company (including Higher Elevation) to follow up with a telephone call to ensure that you have received your quotation and see if you have any questions for the team.


Any questions?

Do you have any questions about stairlift surveys?  Please do contact us and we'll be happy to answer them for you.

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